Healthy Eating/Behavioral Feeding Parent Consultation and Coaching

Food plays a very important role in health, behavior and learning for children.

HealthSmart! Consulting, LLC equips parents with tools to get children on the right track to better eating habits.

HealthSmart! also offers pill swallowing support for children who need to learn to take supplements or medication.

Coaching is parent-directed, designed to target individual parent goals for children.

What Can I Expect from Coaching?

An approach that addresses the WHOLE child. Together, we look at a variety of possible contributors for your unique picky eater.

When we know what's likely behind the picky eating habits, we are at a better place to apply strategies that work.

Specific feeding strategies that you can implement right away to create real and lasting change for your picky eater

Behavior strategies to manage your child's responses to feeding - we tackle picky eater refusal, self-limiting, and sensory issues

We will strive to decrease food-related anxiety and increase confidence, helping your child develop a healthy relationship with food.

One-to-one virtual pill swallowing coaching is also available for children who need to learn this important life skill

Ready to Get Started?

Hi! I'm Patty. I'm a healthy eating/healthy living coach, behavioral feeding consultant, course presenter, and author, with over 3 decades of experience working with children and their families. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with parents to support healthy eating habits for their children. I provide services to support children of all abilities, specializing in working with children who learn differently.

What Parents Are Saying:

“Patty gave us some great ideas to keep things going in the right direction. Our frustration is down, he’s eating well, and family meals are still busy but a lot more fun."

Chris, mom to Eli


"My non-verbal, autistic, young adult son was able to learn to swallow capsules in 5 sessions! He is so proud of himself! We are grateful for Patty's patience and guidance in assisting our son to learn a life skill that will benefit his wellness."  

Diana, Mom to Michael

Choose a Pricing Option


Initial Consultation

Virtual parent consultation to address feeding concerns, along with beginning specific strategies to transform your picky eater



An important Part 2 of the Initial Consultation

Get more in-depth specific behavioral feeding strategies for your child based upon our initial consultation.


Coaching Session

Beyond the Consultation

Coaching sessions (Monitoring Visits) offer support to keep things going in the right direction with your feeding goals for your child

Additional coaching sessions can be purchased at any time


Bundle Initial Consult, Follow-up, and 1 Coaching Session

A $25 savings when purchased together! (A $330 Value)

Along with the 2-part consultation, parents get one coaching session in this package to ensure continued support for the feeding plan strategies given during the follow-up session.


Bundle 4 Individual Coaching Sessions

A $30 savings when purchased together! (A $320 Value)

Get 4 coaching sessions, optional weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly after the follow-up to further support feeding strategies given.


Pill Swallowing Session for Child

1:1 Individual Virtual Sessions

Weekly or twice weekly sessions at $40 per each half-hour session with child to master the skill of pill swallowing.