Does your child need to learn how to swallow pills?

  • Are you having difficulty getting your child to take prescribed medications or supplements?

  • Have you already tried, but are finding it difficult to overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of your child learning the skill?

Join me for a protocol designed to help you teach your child this beneficial lifelong skill!

Along with a proven, step-by-step program for teaching pill swallowing, this course also includes:

  • Clear, concise video lessons to model teaching the skill and addressing barriers

  • A downloadable pill swallowing social story for younger children

  • 1 FREE 30-minute virtual consultation to target questions related to teaching the skill

  • Add-on additional support with you and/or your child as needed to promote lasting success


Teach Your Child to Swallow Pills

Early Bird Pricing! Pre-register to get the course for $39

Get started now with the support that you need to teach your child the valuable skill of pill swallowing!

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